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  • Cross Suspension Trainer Lp8162 Black/Blue

    115.00 AED VAT


    • CROSS SUSPENSION TRAINER LP8162 BLACK/BLUE Suspension trainers are a great training tool for core workouts and developing biceps and the back.
    • Try the durable and quality Pro-Form Suspension Trainer system that easily attaches to your door and ideal for home use.
    • It helps improve upper and lower body strength, plus stability during exercises.
  • Rowing Handle Chrom Lp8192G (Brand : Liveup)

    85.00 AED VAT


    • The V bar row handle cable attachment enhances your workout.
    • A must have to build strong and sharp looking back muscles, as well as biceps, shoulders, triceps, amongst others.
    • It is easily attached to any home gym, cable crossover, Lat machine, pulley system, and many more.
    • Rubber Contoured Grips for Easy Grip and Support.