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  • Balgarian Bag 15 Kg Ls3074

    199.00 د.إ VAT
    The Bulgarian Bag is one of the most versatile training devices available. It was invented by a trainer in Bulgaria to achieve a more intensive combination of strength and endurance training for wrestlers. Since the effectiveness of this crescent shaped bag has become apparent, you can now find them in more and more gyms and fitness studios around the world. The bag has several grip loops which allow it to be lifted like a dumbbell or thrown as a weight around the body axis. For push-ups, knee bends or running, the Bulgarian Bag sits around the neck and adds a few kilos to your body weight. The soft filling ensures a comfortable fit on your shoulders. Outer shell: hard-wearing and tear-resistant imitation leather Filling material made of sand and steel pellets Special features: pointed gripping ends and a total of 5 grip loops You can use Bulgarian Bag to add body weight during almost any exercise. You can therefore build targeted muscle groups and achieve amazing training results. Ideal for fat burning, general fitness and strength training. Dimensions of the different models:
  • Benlee Instep Shin Guards – S/M

    155.00 د.إ VAT


    • Away from the decade of the 20th century benlee brand is associated with major figures of boxing as joe louis the bomber of detroit - jersey joe walcott or rocco rocky marciano marchigiano, all of them vistieron in the ring of this clothing brand specializing in clothing pugilístico.
    • Benlee rocky marciano pro model instep and shinguard. made of a hard wearing artificial leather and padded with a 2 layer high density foam core. The 2 straps with vecro closure, the elastic instep loop in combination with the natural leg shape of the protectors ensure a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Bst Premium 40Lb Weight Vest Bstwvp40 (Brand : Body Solid)

    545.00 د.إ VAT


    • Specially designed to withstand the toughest workouts, the BSTWVP40 features durable stitching to ensure long-lasting use.
    • The BSTWVP40 is fully adjustable and allows you customize weight and resistance up to 40lbs.
    • Customizing the vest is simple and easy — add or remove sand bags from the pouches in the vest to achieve the exact workout you desire.
  • Bulgarian Bag 15Kgs Tp1527

    Original price was: 354.00 د.إ.Current price is: 289.00 د.إ. VAT
    Bulgarian bag has been manufactured from high density foam, premium PVC and reinforced stitching for continued hard wearing use. Ideal for a range of different activities including MMA and CrossFit, this bag can be used for lifting and throwing to develop muscle and core strength. As the Bulgarian Power Bag can be easily transported to any location, they are the perfect piece of equipment for varied training sessions. The Bulgarian Power Bag has been created for safe and comfortable training. Additionally, this fitness bag also features padded straps for continued user support.
  • Force Bag Ir87847 20 Kg

    Original price was: 289.00 د.إ.Current price is: 239.00 د.إ. VAT
    Made of high-quality material that provides maximum durability Long-lasting and functional Suitable for homes or gyms Includes 4 Nylon straps and a metal string for hanging Comes in 30 kg and 20 kg option
  • Weight Jacket Ls3055 5Kg

    165.00 د.إ VAT


    • The WEIGHT JACKET LS3055 5KG Weight training not only reduces body fat.
    • But also can enhance muscle strength and endurance to increase the proportion of human body muscles, thereby increasing the metabolism and consuming the fat during exercise.
    • Ergonomic design for ultimate fit Vented neoprene construction for comfort Hydration sleeve and reflective trim Shaping perfect figure Weight 5 Kg Materials: Neoprene, iron sand.