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  • 45 Degree Back Hyperextension

    1,400.00 د.إ VAT
    Due to lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle, back muscles atrophy, become weak, and vertebrae shift. All this negatively affects the health of the whole organism. Hyperextension angular (angle 45) is a bench for deep working out of spinal muscles. Exercises on hyperextension are safe, do not threaten joint damage and sprains. It can be used independently or for warming up the lower back, back before more heavy exercises and significantly reduces the risk of injury. A huge advantage of hyperextension is that it is able to develop even the deepest muscles that are not included in the work during any other physical exercises. Hyperextension is suitable for use in gyms and rehabilitation centres, as well as at home, saves space, and has almost no contraindications.

    Original price was: 975.00 د.إ.Current price is: 739.00 د.إ. VAT


    • Product Brand: Marcy
    • Product type: Fitness equipment
    • Product Width: 52.00 (in)
    • Product Depth: 46.50 (in)
    • Product Height: 25.00 (in)
    • Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs.
    • Model number: 13010292
  • Arm wrestling table

    4,000.00 د.إ VAT
    Wrestle your way to the top with the ADW Sports arm wrestling table. This top-of-the-line arm wrestling table is perfect for those who want to up their arm wrestling game. It's perfect for all levels of athletes. Our sturdy, yet lightweight arm wrestling table is easy to assemble and perfect for the home or gym. Suitable for a Right-versus-Left arm fight A great choice for home or office entertainment, as well as quality gym gear This design provides better wrist protection for the player The large surface area of the "H"-shaped base gives our table stability when in use The table's legs are padded so you won't hurt yourself while wrapping your legs around it
  • Bench Atlanta 300 G59X

    499.00 د.إ VAT
    Stick to your daily workout routine and train comfortably and safely at home Diversify your training and keep being motivated by the many different exercises from the exercise guide with detailed descriptions for many exercises
  • Bench Sub 135X60X40Cm

    615.00 د.إ VAT
    Description BENCH SUB1150 Ideal for all kinds of dumbbell and abs excises. Features soft cushioning for greater comfort. Ideal for home usage.
  • Bench Sub5102 Blk

    799.00 د.إ VAT


    Material Steel,PU
    Department Unisex-Adult
    Shipping Weight 28 kg
    Dimensions 147 x 51 x 37 cm
  • Bh Fitness Crunch Bench L835b Dark Grey

    3,099.00 د.إ VAT
    The L835 enables for a wide range of activities due to its adjustable lowering backrest. The two leg restraints and support pads provide additional security to the user. Double roll to support and secure the leg position, acting as a support and fixing point for the user and lowering the risk of damage from incorrect postures. To achieve the best posture, tilt the backrest. The core seat had been injected. The injected core, as opposed to standard foam-padded particle boards, provides superior homogeneity, anti-distortion, and anti-bacterial protection. The color palette is a brilliant and eye-catching yellow. They enable for quick and easy visual identification of the selections, allowing any user to change them without consulting the coach. Mechanical seat adjustment with numerical display of height position allows the machine to be adapted to all types of users and assists them in adopting the ideal posture during training. A 4 mm thick ST-37 / 40 steel frame ensures durability. Coating in three layers. This professional, up-to-date, fashionable system's design is further enhanced by its -layer coating, which includes an initial anti-corrosion primer for guaranteed longevity, followed by an epoxy powder layer and finish. The structure is raised 50 mm above the floor level, with rubber-tipped feet that allow cleaning and vacuuming without harming the paint. Create a more aesthetically appealing and beautiful line by designing with a lower profile and solid outline. Design that is dependable and long-lasting, with enhanced safety and comfort. Developed to the highest biomechanical standards and based on extensive research into the architecture of each muscle and its behavior during exercise. It provides a variety of gentle and gradual workout as well as natural, accurate, and fluid movement. Features: Backrest that can be adjusted Adjustable back rest pivots for training diversity and body stabilization when exercising. Foot pads that rotate Dual foot pads provide training variation while also stabilizing the body throughout exercise. Angle modification The 10° incline - 20° decline bench angle adds diversity to the workout. Core seat injection The injected core seat is long-lasting, sturdy, and bacteria-resistant. Wheels for transportation The transport wheels and accessible handle make it simple to relocate. Steel commercial frame The 4mm thick steel frame is proven to last.
  • Bh Fitness Press Bench L815b Black

    5,199.00 د.إ VAT
    The BH FITNESS L815 fitness bench is a high-quality home as well as completely commercial fitness center, hotel fitness center, and wellness facility operation. This is a model from the BH Fitness brand's top professional range, which excels above all in its durable construction, high load capacity, quality components, and recognizable appearance. The BH FITNESS L815 bench is perfect for training with a long axis, but it can also be used with one-handed dumbbells to improve pectoral muscles, triceps, and other muscles. Rubber feet and ached profiles for increased safety and damage resistance. The equipment includes disc storage mandrels and a long axis stand. Features: Plate storing Weight plate storage makes it simple to obtain weight plates. Core seat injection The injected core seat is long-lasting, sturdy, and bacteria-resistant. Several bar catches 3 bar catches provide different bar positions for safety and a custom fit. The 3-Layer paint method used in automotive grade coatings produces a surface that is corrosion resistant, durable, and visually appealing. Footpads made of rubber Rubber pads on all feet provide non-slip contact with the floor and preserve the flooring surfaces from harm. Steel commercial frame The 4mm thick steel frame is proven to last.
  • BH Flat Bench L810

    Original price was: 1,939.00 د.إ.Current price is: 1,635.00 د.إ. VAT


    • The Flat Bench L810 is a staple and necessity for any and all gyms, home or commercial.
    • With transport wheels and a convenient handle, moving this flat workout bench becomes that much easier.
    • The injected core seat aids comfort and is bacteria resistant for your safety while the 4mm thick steel frame provides durability.
    • All TR Strength benches have a high quality 3-layer paint process that delivers a surface that is corrosion resistant, durable and attractive.
  • Body Solid Flat Incline Decline Bench Gfid225

    Original price was: 1,761.00 د.إ.Current price is: 1,355.00 د.إ. VAT


    TECH SPECS Ladder style back pad adjustment Back pad adjusts to -15º, 0º, 15º, 30º, 45º, 60º, and 75º Bench comes fully assembled in box Transport wheels for easy movement Height to pad–at position 21” Weight Capacity: 600 lbs. 14-gauge, 2” x 4” oval steel construction 57”L x 18”W x 10”H - Folded 60”L x 18”W x 19”H - In-Use Product Weight: 53 lbs.
  • Commercial Fid Bench Sfid325 (Brand : Body Solid)

    2,499.00 د.إ VAT


    • Features thick, durable padding
    • Multiple independent back/seat adjustments
    • Wide seat and leg hold down
    • Oversized wheels with a front transport handle
    • Unsurpassed durability and quality
  • Decline Bench L855

    5,595.00 د.إ VAT


    • Injected core seat and supports for the most ergonomic position. It ensures the best body position and prevents deformation of the padding and the proliferation of bacteria.
    • 4 mm thick ST-37 / 40 steel frame for guaranteed durability and high resistance 5 mm thick coated steel cable.
    • Double roll for the support and fastening of legs to avoid the risk of injuries due to improper form.
    • A small pad to support the femoral muscle offers more comfortable exercise.
  • Deluxe 2X3 Utility Stool Gst 20

    858.00 د.إ VAT
    Body-Solid Utility Stool is a rock-solid tool for performing seated exercises such as shoulder presses, triceps pullovers, French curls, concentration curls, wrist curls and more. It works great in a rack for barbell exercises or on its own with dumbbells. The GST20 is designed to align your body to perfect seated posture and reduce stress on your back without restricting movement. Both seat pads are mounted to the heavy-duty 2 inch x 2 inch and 2 inch x 3 inch mainframe, which is constructed from 12-gauge high-tensile strength steel for maximum strength and features an extra-wide base that ensures lateral stability. When it comes to padding, you can't beat Body Solid's extra thick, double stitched DuraFirmTM upholstery. It's tear resistant and guaranteed to provide a lifetime of comfort and support without ever bottoming out. Whether it is in a home or commercial setting, the GST20 is the best seat in the house.
  • Dhz Fitness Multi-Purpose Bench

    1,208.00 د.إ VAT
    Size mounted (L x W x H cm) 117 x 76 x 82
    Weight (kg) 30
  • Dhz Fitness Olympic Incline Bench

    2,856.00 د.إ VAT
    Size mounted (L x W x H cm) 201 x 178 x 140
    Weight (kg) 127