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  • 1Hp – 2Hp Motorized Treadmill (Brand : Ta Sport)

    2,199.00 AED VAT
    • Description

      • Enhance your health with the TA Sport MOTORIZED TREADMILL T4401 folding treadmill.
      • The T4401 lets you command each aspect of your routine, from an in-depth console to its solid performance and design.
      • Built with the tough frame in the TA treadmill series line-up, this heavy-duty and rugged unit provides superior stability for a confident workout.
  • 2 In 1 Elliptical Bike Cardio 5105Ea

    1,055.00 AED VAT
    Description An amazing innovative upright + elliptical cross trainer, double the joy of workout with elliptical as well as upright bike in one machine. Buy online of sportplanetae. The slim handle offers a tight grip during workouts equipped with an LCD display that offers scan, time, distance, speed, and calorie status that helps you plan your routine and delivers adjustable seat height for your convenience
  • 2 In 1 Elliptical Trainer Efit

    1,389.00 AED VAT
    "Product Name: 2 IN 1 Elliptical Trainer EFIT Model Number: 430EA Brand: TA Sports Department: Unisex Available Colour: Black Product Weight: 60 kg Brand model: Ta Sports Scan time, distance, speed, and calorie status Led Console included"
  • Afton Elliptical Fx 500

    4,813.00 AED VAT


    Brand Afton
    Model Number FX 500
    Fly Weight Heavy Duty Flywheel
    Stride Length 20″
    Handle Bard Customs Molded Handgrip
    Pedals   Cushioned Articulating Pedals
    Workout Display 8*20 Green & Red Lcd Display
    Programs 6 Preset Programs
    Customs Programs 2 User Defined Programs
    Heart Rate Programs 2 Heart Rate Programs
    Heart Rate Contact & Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
    Resistance Controls ECB Magnetic Resistance Level
    Resistance 20 Levels
    Shroud Plastic Shroud on Rear Rails
    Power Plug in
    Dimension 82″L*27″W*67″H
    Maximum User Weight 150Kgs
  • Afton Recumbent Bike Rx100

    3,709.00 AED VAT


    Brand Afton Recumbent Bike
    Model Number RX 100
    Display Multi Colour LCD Window with Backlit
    Display Size 131*67 mm
    Read Out Time,Distance,Calories,Watt,Rpm,Speed,Pulse
    Fly Wheel   6.5Kgs
    Crank 165mm
    Power Input DC 6V/1000MA
    Resistance 16 Levels
    Programs P1 – P12 Preset Programs
    Customs Programs 4 User Programs
    Dimension 144*74*128Cm
    Maximum User Weight 120Kgs
    Warranty 1 Year
  • Afton Spin bike JG 2300


    Brand Afton Spin Bike
    Model Number JG-2300
    Flywheel Weight 20kg
    User Weight 150kgs
    Net Weight 75kgs
    General Weight 80kgs
    Dimension 1150*600*1150mm

    9,300.00 AED VAT
    Brand Afton
    Model Number JG 9500
    Motor 4HP Ac Motor
    Running Surface 22″*60″
    Maximum Speed 1- 22 Km/H
    Foldable   No
    Cushion Deck  Yes
    Display Size 18.5″
    Incline 1 to 15 Levels
    Safety Switches Yes
    Maximum User Weight 180Kgs
  • Afton Upright Bike Ux100

    2,809.00 AED VAT


    Brand Afton Upright Bike
    Model Number UX 100
    Display Multi Colour LCD Window with Backlit
    Display Size 131*67 mm
    Read Out Time,Distance,Calories,Watt,Rpm,Speed,Pulse
    Fly Wheel   6.5Kgs
    Crank 165mm
    Power Input DC 6V/1000MA
    Resistance 16 Levels
    Programs P1 – P12 Preset Programs
    Customs Programs 4 User Programs
    Dimension 144*74*128Cm
    Maximum User Weight 120Kgs
    Warranty 1 Year
  • Air Bike Iv-8000A

    5,985.00 AED VAT


    • The Impetus IV 8000A Air Bike is built to endure the most intense high-intensity interval training. The most robust air bike you’ll see on the market. It is equipped with metal air blades and interval training programs.
  • Assault Air Bike

    3,699.00 AED VAT


    • Dimensions Boxed: 52”Lx12”Wx36”H (cm 131Lx29Wx90H)
    • Dimensions Assembled: 51”Lx24”Wx49”H (cm 130Lx60Wx123H)
    • Weight Boxed: 119lbs
    • Weight Assembled: 98.1lbs
    • User Weight Capacity: 300lbs (136kg)
  • Bh Fitness Elliptical Nc19 Dual G858

    5,344.00 AED VAT
    The G260 Khronos Cross Trainer is a light commercial cross trainer that is ideal for hotels, fitness suites, and personal use. This self-powered treadmill has a variety of features and programs and is built to withstand continuous use. The G260 has electromagnetic resistance for that true gym sensation, as well as pedals that are close together for maximum comfort. The dual backlit panel includes 12 pre-programmed training programs with 32 various intensity levels, allowing you to challenge yourself and establish new fitness objectives on a regular basis. The stable Watts Rate Program was created with rehabilitation in mind, and the four heart rate programs let the user to target various cardiovascular zones throughout a workout. Features: Minimum distance between the pedals: Allows a natural position during training. Specially designed for high or heavy user: Reinforced structure and one of the longest strides on the market. Resistant bearing on the moving parts: They guarantee a smooth and silent workout. 48 cm strip: Get the best 48cm front drive string in the minimum space. Frequency of use: The machine is designed for an intensive use, up to 20 hours per week. Specification: Model Number : 13020124 Console : LCD display Resistance : 24 levels Resistance type : Magnetic resistance Distance between pedals : 6 cm Stride : 48 cm Programs : 12 pre-set programs Intensity levels : 24 Heart rate control program : 4 programs Transport wheel : Yes Inertial system : 22 Kg Random Program : Yes Fitness Test : Yes Customizable profiles : Yes Maximum user weight : 130 Kg
  • BH fitness Lk6000/Lk5500 Treadmill G600

    26,109.00 AED VAT
      Specification : Model Number 13050520-101 Length (cm) 222 Width (cm) 93 Height (cm) 155 Weight (kg) 182 Max. recommended user weight (kg) 180 Dual monitor option No Screen size 16 - inch Pulse control Yes Fan Yes Bottle holder Yes Transport wheels Yes Self-generated No Reinforced structure Yes HIIT training allows No Telemetric pulse compatible with Polar Yes Painted anticorrosive treatment Yes Emergency stop button Yes Monitor Yes Monitor type VFD Dot Matrix 19 Inch for treadmills Damping system Protonic Speed range 0,8-22km/h Motor 4. 0 HP Running surface 160 x 55cm Maximum inclination 0.15 Lubrication No required Automatic shutdown system Yes Easy Toolbar on the rail Yes Adjustable levelling feet Yes Ultra reinforced chassis Yes progressive damping elastomers Yes Aluminium side profiles and band slip PVC Yes Intelligent shock absorption system Yes Case ABS painted with automotive technology Pulse tactile sensors on the handlebars Yes Dual speed fan Yes Color screen Yes Oversized bearings Yes Magnetic speed sensor Yes
  • BH Fitness Recumbent Bike H895Bm (Model SK8950)

    13,750.00 AED VAT


    • The new design of the bike has opened up a space between the handlebars and the saddle, enabling comfortable access to people with limited mobility or in recovery periods.
    • The system of adjustments has fixing and springs to adapt the position of user. Smooth Fit. Seat's sliding motion controlled by a reliable and precise mechanism. It regulates smoothly the distance between the seat and the monitor.
    • Electromagnetic brake system with generator maximizes reliability and precision. No need for electric mains except for the monitor.
    • The materials of the seat, with anti-perspiration upholstery and high quality cushioning, make the vertical bike a comfortable machine for long periods of training.
    • All the components and materials of the rod have been redesigned to withstand the most extreme conditions the parts can be subjected to.
  • BH Fitness Vario Pro Rower | R350

    4,899.00 AED VAT
    Folding paddle & reinforced structure with high-performance components Abs Biceps and Lowerbody Anaerobic workouts Extremely direct Central shot rowing action LCD monitor with 5 predefined programs. Withstand workouts of more than 20 hours a week Magnetic Brake System allows smooth and silent training The BH Fitness Vario Program is a light commercial use rower that has high-performance components guaranteed for collective use. It features a folding paddle with reinforced structure. It also has a LCD monitor with 5 predefined programs.

    4,632.00 AED VAT


    The RS800 treadmill is the perfect machine for users who want to get a complete workout at home. With up to 20 km/h, a 15% incline and a running surface of 51 cm, this treadmill is a great choice for walking or running at home. Preset programs (Prg):8 User profiles (uPrg): 3 Heartrate control program (HRC): 3 Body fat test (BF): Yes Screen: LCD i.Concept: Yes Easy access buttons: Yes   Specification
    • Use frequency: INTENSIVE
    • Maximum user weight: 130KG
    • Length (cm): 195CM
    • Width (cm) 91CM
    • Height (cm): 155M
    • Weight (cm):85KG
    • Transport wheels: Yes
    • Power (peak/continue): 3.5HP
    • Speed: 1-20KM/H
    • Incline: 0-15
    • Running Surface: 150X51CM
    • Size folded: 119 X 91 X 164 CM

    6,979.00 AED VAT
    LED LCD monitor with 8 preset programs, 3 customizable profiles with I. Concept connectivity.
  • BH indoor cycle Spada 2 Racing Bike (with Bluetooth Console)

    5,709.00 AED VAT
    Enjoy intensive training on the I Spada Racing Dual Bike. Built with a Poly-V belt transmission you will experience a smooth, quiet and maintenance-free performance, paired with a magnetic and friction braking system which comprises 24 intensity levels. Meanwhile, the flywheel is equivalent to 20kg and comes complete with a cover. Enjoy the 12 programmes (1 Random, 5 Customisable Profiles, 1 Fitness Test, 4 Heart Rate Control and 1 Recovery) via the monochrome LCD display, which displays Time, Speed/RPM, Distance, ODO, Pulse, Watts, and Calorie data as you work up a sweat. You can monitor your telemetric heart rate via an optional chest belt (not included), or utilise the Bluetooth 4.0 technology which is part of iConcept technology – also allowing you to access your favourite fitness Apps. Comfort is enhanced on the I Spada Racing Dual Bike, boasting an adjustable saddle, adjustable triathlon handlebars and mixed pedals.

    9,545.00 AED VAT


    The RS1000 is the only folding treadmill designed for semi-professional use with its AC motor and 22 km/h speed. It is a great option for small gyms such as hotels, residences or studios. With its foldable chassis, facilities will be able to optimize space. Preset programs (Prg): 32 User profiles (uPrg): 5 Fitness Test (FT): Yes Heart rate control program (HRC): 3 Body fat test (BF): Yes Telemetric heart rate: Yes/OPTIONAL CHEST BELT I.Concept: FORKS Speakers: Yes Easy access buttons: Yes   Specification
    • Use frequency: INTENSIVE
    • Maximum user weight: 150KG
    • Length (cm): 209CM
    • Width (cm) 95CM
    • Height (cm): 159M
    • Weight (cm):140KG
    • Transport wheels: Yes
    • Power (peak/continue): 4 CV
    • Speed: 1-22KM/H
    • Incline: 0-15
    • Running Surface: 150X55CM
    • Size folded: 137 X 92 X 166 CM